• Concentrate on cheap Mut 20 coins​ perfecting

    Psychotherapy included diagrams of Madden 20 coins heaps of defensive and offensive plays Madden's comment on training strategies and philosophy. The game sold well given the intricate playbook its interface was complex, and Madden's insistence on 11 players caused the game to run slowly. First. Boot up the past year's Madden 20, place every…

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  • Happy Holidays

    As announced at the meeting, enjoy some time off until we reconvene on Friday January 3. If you wish to do so, you are free to organize clan related activities over the off time at your own discretion including BCT. Stay safe!

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  • Titan Reports Release

    Titan Reports Release After much continued effort, the UNKSO Engineering Department is happy to deliver the reports functionality to Titan. In this release, you'll find the ability to view finer grained units, view their members, view their chain of command, and view their reports submitted for approval. This is an update aimed more towards the…

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  • =US= Discord Rank Avatars

    Members of =US=, With the approval of Intel Command, I created a very simple spreadsheet housing all of the rank avatars for each branch for use in Discord. The first tab is the instructions and are pretty straight forward. Each rank avatar has a direct link where I have then uploaded to imgur. Save your respective rank on your pc, and follow the…

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  • Division Expansion Plan

    Some of our older more seasoned members may remember a time when we had enough members to fill four branches and everyone played the same game. We've already transitioned to include three clan games, and we've trimmed our roster back to the most active and engaged members. Some have been concerned over our waning membership, but the reality is…

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