• Division 2 Raid

    We will attempt the raid on Friday after the General Meeting, if you can be there please do. It requires 8 players. When: Friday After Meeting Who: (8 Players) Clan Members have priority, if we don't have enough then our guests may join as well What: Look into the strats that have been played with other groups, we need a solid plan Where: discord…

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  • The Division 2 Clan in Game

    All, The Division 2 is without a doubt a great improvement on what was Division 1. We have 8-9 members in game. If you plan on buying the game here in the near future or haven't unlocked the clan LNO in game. This is how you can find us "UnknownSoldiers" UNK is the clan tags, if you see us playing please come and join us. We don't bite.

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  • Titan 0.1.1 Release

    Titan 0.1.1 Release The UNKSO Engineering Department is back again to announce the release of Titan 0.1.1. This one took a bit longer than we had anticipated, but it’s finally here! This release adds the ability to submit event excuses. Additionally, those event excuses can be acknowledged by NCOs and Officers. There are also some…

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  • Titan 0.1 Release

    Titan 0.1 Release The UNKSO Engineering Department is happy to deliver the first release of Titan. In this release, you’ll find the groundwork for maintaining member records in the form of user files. Similar to Static12, this functionality was built from the ground-up and exists on the UNKSO.com domain so that authentication is shared…

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  • Intelligence Corps Recruiting Department Reboot

    I’m pleased to announce that the =US= Intelligence Corps is reopening the Recruiting Department. In accordance with the efforts of some of our NCO Corps, we’re reopening the department in an attempt to unify the way we conduct outreach and recruitment along with retention and training. This move will allow us to consolidate our resources and…

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  • =US= Discord Rank Avatars

    Members of =US=, With the approval of Intel Command, I created a very simple spreadsheet housing all of the rank avatars for each branch for use in Discord. The first tab is the instructions and are pretty straight forward. Each rank avatar has a direct link where I have then uploaded to imgur. Save your respective rank on your pc, and follow the…

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  • Division Expansion Plan

    Some of our older more seasoned members may remember a time when we had enough members to fill four branches and everyone played the same game. We've already transitioned to include three clan games, and we've trimmed our roster back to the most active and engaged members. Some have been concerned over our waning membership, but the reality is…

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