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  • Let me talk to the clan for minute.

    I know a lot of you have been hearing rumors that people are not satisfied with how the clan is run. Some are not satisfied and they are no longer here. We are not trying to make more rules or shove another set of rules down anyones throat. We are here like the rest of you to have fun and game. We do not want the drama anymore than anyone else here. About two weeks ago there were some mistakes made by JCS. One was we did not discuss issues with one another and posted things that seemed over bearing to the rest of the clan. It seemed too much for some and also seemed as if we blindsided folks with what was posted. Well for that we are sorry. We want you all to be active enjoy our servers and make this a place of professionalism and fun.

    There are a lot of things we may have been able to avoid if we all just communicated with each other. But that is over now and mistakes were made. We have since moved on and had a meeting discussing the issues at hand. JCS is more united and proud to be apart of this clan then we once were a little while ago. We truly wish our members the best place to call home.

    Some people have discharged do to disagreements with decisions made too hastily. Some others left because they had friends who left. Some are leaving because college is fast approaching and they will not have time to devote to the clan. Others left because there are outside influences causing trouble that does not need to be caused, spreading rumors and hate mongering within the clan. WE have done nothing to these said clans and wish them the best in their endeavors. But it seems they have a different view then we do and are now trying to make more issues about issues past. Recruiting our members and making them believe that all we do is try to be control freaks.

    None of this is true. We wish that folks would talk to us before they decide on leaving. Get the real storys and then come to a conclusion.

    Present =US= CO
    ╔►Motherboard ● X99-A
    ╠►CPU ● i7 5930K 4.0ghz LGA 2011 v3
    ╠►Video Card ● x 2 EVGA 1070 SC ACX 3.0

    ╠►Headset ● V-Moda Crossfade M-100 W/ Blue Snowball Ice Mic
    ╠►RAM ● G.Skill RipJaws 4x 32GB 2400 DDR4
    ╠►Mouse ● Kone Pure 2017 Owl Eye
    ╠►Keyboard ● Daskeyboard (brown switch)
    ╚►Monitor ● Acer Predator XB271HU 27inch

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  • Please contact us if you think there is an issue. We want to make this a nice and fun place for members to play, hang out, and meet with friends. We will listen to any and all suggestions with an open mind and we are willing to adapt to new changes if it is better for the clan. Xfire, Steam, email, PM, TS poke, or ANYTHING that can get my attention. I am always willing to listen and talk about the clan and possible changes for the future.

    This clan is my second home, and I will do anything to help other people feel the same way.

  • If I may speak freely.... I joined the =US= because it was supposed to be a clan based on military ranking and COC. It was not a free for all, I have met alot of nice people on here and everyone has been very helpful with all the questions I have had (thanks SSG.Krawl, Nam and Xander). I am looking forward to meeting and talking with the rest of the clan as we move forward. But I agree if someone has issues then we need to go up the ladder and not skip the COC that way no one gets left out not knowing whats going on. I just can not wait to see what the reup bonus is gonna be hahahahahaha. Lynch out.

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