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  • Learn about the Unknown Soldiers

    Recruits, here are the expectations we have of you:
    • That you read and understand everything in your application.
    • That you are on Recruit status for at least two weeks.
    • That you wear your rank and tags properly (RT.YourName=US= or =US= RT.YourName) at ALL Times.
    • That you stay active on forums, Discord, and that you continue to check the forums
    • All Recruits will complete their Basic Combat Training Orientation to make sure this is the clan for them.
    • If you go inactive after your application is accepted and you begin your two week probationary period, your application will be denied.
    • Applicants under the age of sixteen will be denied unless otherwise stated by the JCS.

    If you do not follow these expectations, your application will be denied and you will have to reapply.

    You will not be accepted unless you follow =US= Regulation 30-17:

    =US= 30.17

    User Names shall only consist of one or two words, be in good taste, can not contain a rank/unit/military force, be sexual/racial/drug related, or contain profanity. User names in violation may be changed or deleted by a forum administrator without the knowledge of the forum user. Any problems with forum user names, accounts, or other may be directed to a forum administrator or moderator. Members may not use any rank in their name that is not their clan rank (example: RT.sgtslaughter=US=).
    —-> Only one or two words
    —-> No rank in name
    —-> No name of a force or unit
    —-> No profane reference
    —-> No racial reference
    —-> No sexual reference

    Examples that violate =US= 30.17: Sgtsluaghter, johnnyappleseeds, majorpain, SAS, force recon, privateryan, forienlegion.
    Please shorten it to eliminate confusion.

    Use the following link change your Origin ID:

    GEN.Darmine wrote:

    The clan name format for BF3 is:

    where YourName-US- is your Origin ID
    and [RANK] is a 4 character abbreviation of your current =US= rank and is entered in the Clan Tag field of your BF3 BattleLog profile.

    Marines :
    Original = New
    GySgt = GSgt
    1stSgt = 1Sgt
    SgtMaj = SgM
    MGySgt = MGS

    Air Force:
    Original = New
    SMSgt = SMS
    CMSgt = CMS


    Officer Ranks:
    For Air force and Marines only
    Original = AF New --- Marines New
    2ndLT = 2Lt -- 2Lt
    1stLT = 1Lt -- 1Lt
    LtCol = LtCo -- LtCo
    BrigGen = BGen --BGen
    MajGen = MajG -- MajG
    LtGen = LtGn -- LtGn

    All other ranks are 4 letters or less.

    Yourname-US- <---- That is the new format (in game).
    RANK.Yourname=US= <--- TS and forums
    =US= <---- This is your Garrison tag for TS, our forums and other comms software.
    -US- <---- This is your field tag for in game use only.

    RET.CPT.Benes=US= wrote:

    Also to whom it may concern; I was unable to change my name using Mozilla but using Internet Explorer I was able to.
    Note* changing your name will not reset your progress

    Confused about something? Ask a member or check out our FAQ page here.

    Move on to your application!