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  • I started using this name back in 2014 when I joined a clan to play CoD competitively. We needed to use a name with the word "MOST" at the beginning. So with trial and error, I came up with "MOST_HumbleZ" because it rolled off the tongue very well. Throughout my time in the clan, everyone loved the name and recommended me to keep it instead of sticking with my old name "VintageAion".

    VintageAion was originated back in 2009 when I was an game admin for a private server for Aion. The server name was Vintage Aion and I decided to take the name as my own when the server was taken down.

    Now "VintageAion" I use to name any ingame inanimated object. For example, my main ships in Elite Dangerous has some form a "VintageAion" Variation. For example, my Python is named "USS VintageAion" and my Commander name is "CMDR HumbleZ",

    Eve Online Army Reserves Squad Leader
    DISCORD - HumbleZ#5399

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