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  • Potential cheater: MOZIHK

    What is the Servers name: =US= EU Server (Op Locker)
    Players Name: MOZIHK
    What Day/Time did this happen: 25FEB, 4-5pm EST

    I've been playing on our EU server with a guy called MOZIHK. He's been really suspicious of using hacks.

    In addition to killing both SN.Flykie and myself with only 2-3 shots, not missing many more than that, no matter how far away we were, he also exactly knew our position.
    A couple of times I lured him into the situation where I was alone on a flag, hiding behind random cover. When he entered the room, he didn't look around or anything, he went straight for me and killed me.
    No matter where we came from to attack him, even when we were sneaking, he was facing us to take us out.

    At one point he killed Flykie, and instantly turned, just to watch exactly the corner I was trying to flank (still sneaking) him from.
    I did not once manage to kill him without trading.

    Right when I left the server to get back in as a spectator to watch him play, he left the server, so I couldn't get any evidence.

    He's only got 22% accuracy in that round and an overall of 16% for the AEK. Yet, when he shot, he killed.
  • I assume you banned him?

    You should have every ability to kick/ban players who are suspicious, causing problems, emptying the server, and so forth. Exercise this ability whenever necessary. You (along with every NCO) have the full support of JCS and Upper Command to do what needs to be done to keep our servers tightened down.
  • To All,

    Be on the lookout for more hackers right now. There was recently a hack released that allows you to change your hardware profile. BF4 also has a program where you can play BF4 free for a week, but behold, it is based on hardware profile. Therefore if you change that you can get a new account and play again, over and over and over.

    B/C of this currently there is a large surge of low level / low gametime hackers. There are discussions open with EA about closing BF4 gametime but we will see where those go.