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  • This guy definitely uses an aim assist (if not aimbot) and likely even a wallhack. After a lot of pubbies called him a hacker on the EU server and then even some of our own members mentioned it, I started spectating him for a bit.
    While his accuracy did not seem to be the best, all of his kills while I watched were headshots, even from 250m distance with an LMG.

    Also he was already aiming at players behind walls just sitting there, so he could have had no chance to see them beforehand.

    I have banned him from the EU server using the ingame command, but I don't know if that works as it is an official server.
    Also I have made a screenshot of his Procon information (IP address, PB Guid, EA Guid), so if anyone needs it, I can send that up.

    BF4DB Profile:
    His cheat-o-meter score is 99/100, due to a ridiculously high Headshot-To-Kill-Ratio with his QBB-95-1.
    Out of his 11 last battlereports, he was bullseye king 5 times and killing machine once.