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  • Hacker brought down our server

    I received this poke on TS from RT.ItsSheepdog=US= last night, July 3/4

    RT.ItsSheepdog=US= wrote:

    <00:23:42> "RT.ItsSheepdog=US=" pokes you: Hey just giving you a heads up seeing as how im not sure who to contact about this but a hacker who
    <00:24:04> "RT.ItsSheepdog=US=" pokes you: has been trying to join the server over the past couple days finally got through
    <00:24:19> "RT.ItsSheepdog=US=" pokes you: and brought down the server
    <00:26:31> "RT.ItsSheepdog=US=" pokes you: dudes name is invisablea**hole
  • I know for a fact this guy hacks, he been banned on alot of servers I joined. His hacks are exactly in his name. Invisible and he aimbots and loves doing it with a vehicle.

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  • Which server?
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