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  • * Army Awards and Promotions 07APR2017


    SFC.Draven has met the requirements and TIG to be promoted to E-8 1SG

    SSG.heavyassault has met the requirements and TIG to be promoted to E-7 SFC


    Award: Combat Readiness Medal [2]

    SGT.Gamerbeau wrote:
    "PFC.Staydown64 is a valued member of any team he serves on. Reliable with any kit he picks up. The PFC gladly steps into any role the team may be lacking. As a squad mate he will always make sure you are healed up, ammo'd down, or rapidly avenged. Never far from the currently marked objective, PFC.Staydown64 has shown himself to be mission focused. Furthermore, he is active in almost every weekly event, practice, or Op that is being hosted. A true cornerstone of any team. With that I recommend PFC.Staydown64 be awarded the Combat Readiness Medal. His second."

    Award: Combat Readiness Medal [1]

    SFC.Draven wrote:
    "Reason for recommendation: SFC.Draven stated: In a recent Army Practice, PFC.Bluezoid became the Bravo Squad Leader by default when we switched maps. Once we got the team re-organized, he commanded his squad without hesitation, capturing Bravo Point in a heavily fortified train yard and held it to bleed enemy tickets. PFC.Bluezoid commands his squad like a skilled surgeon, slicing away at enemy defenses and even repelled them from recapturing the point. Without his steadfast dedication to the mission, the round would have most assuredly been a loss. With his great team-focused attitude, PFC.Bluezoid brings great credit upon himself, the Army Branch and the =UNKNOWN SOLDIERS=. It is with great honor that as his acting First Sergeant, I recommend this great, tried and true member of our branch with his first Combat Readiness Medal."

    "Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life" Eckart Tolle
  • Congrats to those who were awarded for their efforts and to SFC.Heavyassault.

    You have been one of the true "back-bones" to this branch, SFC. Great to see you rise up in the ranks.

    And to the clan: thank you for all for entrusting me into this new leadership position. I will do my best to represent the Army branch and the =UNKNOWN SOLDIERS= with STRENGTH AND HONOR!