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  • Inauguration of the Welcome Center

    Hello Recruit, welcome to the Unknown Soldiers. We are thrilled that you are here with us, we consider you a new member of our family. Use this thread to introduce yourself to our community so that other can get to know you. To get started, just create a thread in this board and you and the clan will get to know each other. If you are not certain on how you should introduce yourself, use my own introduction that can be found below.

    NONCOM - Recruiting NCOIC

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  • Jim's Introduction

    "Hi, I am Jim. My real life name is also Jim, but the Portuguese version of it. I am 21 years old and I completing my fourth year in college and my major is Petroleum Engineering. I live in Brazil so I wear flip-flops more often than Californians. I have been with the clan for over an year and I have lived some good moments in my journey so far. I have thrown a lot of laughs and capped many flags with the Navy boys. I can play Battlefield in pretty much any position but my favorite one is the Pilot. I have had great moments and killstreaks with the Heavy Bomber."
  • Hi, my real name is Dietrich and I live in upstate New York, about an hour north of the city. I am a paralegal by trade, which pays for my gaming habit. I probably should have joined a gaming addiction support group instead of a gaming community, but here I am a couple weeks into basic training.

    I’ve been playing Battlefield games since Bad Company 2 on the PS4. I specialize in the support focus classes, like Medic and Support. Need a revive or ammo, I’m your man. In addition to shooters, I play games like Dota 2, RPGs or any good indie game.


    p.s.: In case you're wondering, Pluckmuckel is from Deathspank. One of the funniest Diablo-style games ever made. There's a place called The Town of Pluckmuckel.

    Battlenet:Pluckmuckel#1881 / Orgin: SGT_Pluckmuckel
  • Hi there, New Recruits!

    ENS.Draven here. In real life, my name is Scott. I am from Southeast Missouri but have traveled all over the world because of my 20-year career in the Army. I was a 18D Medic for a Counter-Terrorism Task Force who reported directly to the DHS. I have been on 2 combat tours in Iraq with the National Guard, but all other missions, intel gathering, support, VIP escort, bag and tags, and extradition orders fell under Homeland.

    I joined this clan almost 3 years ago hailing from a BF4 background, but I have played so many different titles and games over the years, it's hard to keep them all straight. Right now, I am proud to be the Commander of the Coast Guard Branch. If you are new and reporting to the Coast Guard branch (or new and just happen to play that game as well), please don't hesitate to add me or any other member of our branch - Draven.US. We would be happy to get you all settled in here!

    This IS the greatest clan to be in, by far! If you are looking for a family, who just happens to play SUPER violent online games, look no further! :)

    This is me in Iraq just a few years ago :)

  • Hello everyone,

    My name is Spencer Friend in the real world. Yup, my last name is actually friend. I spend most of my professional time as a chef for a small gastro-pub. Kitchen work is tiring but it has its benefits, namely the free food. haha

    I have played almost every genre of game but whatever genre candy crush is in....My favorite game types are realistic RTS games but I am becoming more of a fan of Grand Conquest as I get older. I have been playing Battlfield since BF1942 on the PC when I was just a wee schoolboy. I have played all the major titles except BC2. I also am a new fan to arma 3: that game rocks my socks on. Honestly I appreciate just about any game so if you need someone to play a game with feel free to ask.

    "I have not yet begun to fight!"

    -John Paul Jones

    "Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley."

    -The Art of War- "Chapter X- Terrain"
    Sun Tzu
  • Well I might as well say hello to everyone as well. My name is Dayton in real life, my handle for better or worse for going on 20 years is in full, DannyTanner, but eventually around here just got shortened to “Tanner”. Simply goes back to the days of college dorm LAN parties on Half Life we all picked a name from the oh so wonderful sitcom of Full House, my roommate fittingly was Kimmy Gibler.

    Myself and a handful of novice web designers of our day started building the new clan structure from our former clan of UAF into todays very nice version of =US=. My memory isn’t what it use to be but Darmine can correct any flaws, but the main developers were between myself, Dread, Sqwert, and a rather handy photo shopper Viral. We spent hours looking at coding on NotePad making personal pages to the clan roster and incorporating a very active at the time forum. Everything has always been done on volunteer basis, and many slaved away after their day job to create a fun military based gaming community for all to enjoy.

    I actually started my profession based off a side project with a now estranged buddy that gamed with =US= , we played rather an embarrassing amount of VATSIM flying fake airplanes around the world with internet air traffic controllers. My real life friends gave me the notion to start at a flight school after college and after 10 years of flying around the United States in regional airlines for Continental and United, I have now settled in Dubai, UAE as an expat pilot for Emirates on the A380.

    I’m glad to see such a great gaming group of friends still going strong under the supervision of an old gaming buddy Darmine and a few other familiar faces, after an amazing 14 years of what I’ll imagine are fun filled nights of screaming at computer screens out of joy and of frustration. I stop by from time to time to delight in reading how everyone is doing, and I’m soon to be purchasing myself a gaming computer again to attempt to play some of these amazing games. I doubt I’ll ever be active enough to rejoin, but I will definitely be around to join up in a fun game now and then soon enough. Now I’ve written an essay I’ll leave you with glad to see the group still having fun and excited for the new Battlefield V to come out...hope to shoot down range with you guys soon!
  • Hello guys.
    First of all I would like to thank the opportunity.
    I'm ProjectV8, but my real name is Walter.
    I live in Brazil and I'm 40 years old. I am an systems analyst for an international hotel company.
    I'm a battlefield addict guy and I've been following the series since Battlefield 2.
    My favorite class is medic, but I play very well as support and assault.
    I hope to play great matches and heal many friends who are in trouble. :thumbup:
  • Welcome to the clan everyone,
    I am MadMonkey, Chief of the Boat for Coast Guard playing Siege. I also play BF1, BF4, and CS:GO.

    As of this post I have been here about 2 years, joined up with UNKSO not long after making the transition to PC from Xbox and been here ever since. My personal life mostly consist of working on residential HVAC and dabbling in real estate and development. For the most part if I am not working or with the wife and kids then you can find me here.

    Add me and shoot me an invite to play anytime you see me on
    Steam: MadMonkey.US
    Origin: CPO_MadMonkey
    Uplay: MadMonkey.US
    DISCORD - MadMonkey#0023
    UPLAY - MadMonkey.US | |ORIGIN - SN_MadMonkey | | BATTLENET - MadMonkey#11269
  • RT.Casper602=US= wrote:

    Hi everyone,
    I'm Cyrillos from El-Minya (upper Egypt) , I'm in the final year of college , Studying Electronics Engineering.
    I love graphic design , also I'm learning front end web development now.
    I’ve been playing Battlefield since BC2 , I'm happy to be here with you guys
    Another Egyptian! Nice! @SN.Ghost=US=, you all need to chat :)

    Welcome to the clan, Recruit!
  • hello everybody

    My name is Eurico Marques 39 Portuguese .
    I am a Baker the one that make's cakes I have bean a baker for 18years now but my passion is gaming and every thing that revolves around it and sport but dont have time for it. My dream is some day is to go to Usa and watch all sports NBA NHL NFL NASCAR INDY im big fan of does.
    My time in the Military us Short like most portuguese it us 1year and 6 months in the Army
    AND i have uncle that works in the portuguese embassy In the USA is from The Portuguese NAvy
    God Bless you ALL
    And Stay Safe
    Wash Your Hands wash your Hands Wash your Hands Wash your Hands
  • Hey All,

    Apologies for the late introduction, I have no idea how this managed to get past me until now :P

    My name is Jason in real life, I am 23 years old. I was born in the United Kingdom and currently reside in Nottingham, although I am ethnically Chinese (my family is from Hong Kong; yes I do speak Cantonese!). I'm a full-time student at the moment currently studying Product/Industrial Design!

    My FPS experience has been in fast-paced, PVP competitive ladder intensive shooters such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, where it is not unlikely that the player with the fastest reaction time is rewarded, instead of the smarter player who draws upon real life fundamentals. So I would say I have a solid FPS PVP background which I'm bringing to the clan.

    I've been very much interested in mil-sim content recently, specifically regarding the operation of firearms, teamwork and BCT fundamentals in real life, and how they could be applied in-game. Please please please lecture me on military doctrine at every given opportunity! I promise you won't be condescending or patronising. that's exactly what I'm here for! I'm basically a sponge for this type of stuff! Basically anything related to fireteam compositions and loadouts, room clearing, staying in columns, leap-frogging, holding hallways, traversing through open fields, vocal call-outs, overwatch and how the dynamics change depending on how many members of a team there are (I have no idea!!! If there's some sort of online PDF 'bible' one of you guys could link containing material like this for a lowly civilian I'd be very grateful!).

    The main reason why I have not joined an Arma 3 mil-sim realism clan is due to the expected time commitments to intensive training and half-day long war games and the fact that I utterly detest how the guns feel and handle in the game engine. It feels like both your shoulders are dislocated and your AR-15 is actually a shopping cart.

    I hope I can contribute towards being a valuable member of your Tarkov fireteams as we fight off the pesky scavs :thumbup:

    All the best,

    I'm leaving this at the end of my post, in case anyone's interested in reading lists. My gaming history is extremely broad, I'll list a few here by genre:
    RTS: Starcraft, Warcraft, Homeworld, Supreme Commander, Age of Empires, Company of Heroes, Total War etc.
    FPS: Every Valve game (I got to DMG rank in CS:GO), Dayz Standalone, Arma, Overwatch, Battlefield, Killing Floor, Skyrim, Fallout, Far Cry, Payday etc.
    Grand Strategy/4X: Europa Universalis IV, Civilisation V etc.
    MMORPGs: World of Warcraft (Cata, MoP, Legion & BFA, averaged as a 95th percentile rogue during Legion & BFA), Star Wars: The Old Republic, Runescape (obviously).
    Jaeger Group 1 Member
    BCT Military Training Instructor (MTI)

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