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  • Hi everyone,

    I am new here and I wanted to introduce myself.

    I am from England and I play EVE Online, I found you guys by accident when I returned to the game from a brief break. I am having fun with you guys thus far and look forwards to where the Corp goes.
    I don't really do anything exciting outside of the game and try to keep a lot of my private life separate from games, that being said it's not because I don't want to talk about my private life it's just because I come here to escape reality.

    I might look at buying Tarkov at some point I have seen many people play it and it looks good.

  • Hi guys, my name is Aaron and I'm 25, from North Carolina, and in my 4th year at college studying Electrical Engineering. I am passionate about automation and have been writing Python scripts and programs for about 3 years now. My most recent automation project was writing a Python script for my online zoom classes that lets my computer join my zoom meetings and start recording even when I accidentally oversleep and it has been a LIFE AND GRADE SAVER! Other than Python scripting my hobbies include playing Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 5. So far I have logged 201 hours on BF4 and 132 hours on BF5. Looking forward to winning some games with you guys!
  • Howdy, US'!

    I'm in my 30's and I live in a place that people don't think about often, which I'm pretty fond of. Got some acreage that I do a bit of farming on with my wifey and, currently, three rescue dogs. I try to fix things around the house as opposed to replacing them, which helps keep me busy. Other than that I work simple labor jobs, because I'm a simple labor type of guy in a simple labor type of state.

    I never joined the military for reasons. Did some time in rotc when I was strongly considering it. Came from a military-ish family. Lotta people served, not one wanted me to join. Still took the time to show me some stuff. Didn't really have parents. Always had a village, though. A ranger, a SEAL, an emt, a cop, bunch of marines, couple navy guys. One guy served in the big red one, another was a bombardier in the army air corps.

    I tell you, they had some stories.

    I started playing EVE... no idea. Long time ago. Took a break for a couple of years, got an e-mail that my character name could be on a monument in another country, so, of course, I had to jump back in. Played for a while, then ended up taking another lengthy break after my computer... exploded. Finally came across another pc. It has no graphics card but, thankfully, EVE has a potato setting, so here I am. ^~^

    I also play ffxiv, destiny 2, division 2, ghost recon breakpoint, elite:dangerous, path of exile...


    defiance, secret world, world of warplanes, world of warships, tree of savior, dreadnought...

    yeah, I kinda just play a lot of games. Mostly on ps4 because reasons. I tend toward rts, flight sims, and third person shooters.

    Let's see... other than that, I was doing strength training and thinking about getting back into boxing or maybe BJJ, but then everything kinda shut down... so now I'm working on acquiring a barbell and building a rack and either acquiring or making some plates. (A guy who can run ten miles can effectively run ten miles. A guy who can deadlift 400 lbs can effectively do pretty much whatever he wants to.)

    I tend to do a lot of random "research" in my spare time. I just get randomly curious about things. I also like trying to do things the way they did them "back in the day." Ever roast and ground your own coffee? Best coffee you'll ever have. Even if you suck at it. French press, man. So good... anyway...

    Yeah, I guess that's me.