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  • Please Send Prayers

    Well at 7:45 pm last night, I had to take my mother to the ER. She was complaining of having pains on the left side of her chest. They did an initial EKG and decided that due to her age and the meds she takes, they admitted her for observation. They gave her aspirin and i nitro , and the pain did ease, but they still want to do labs tomorrow, and have the cardiologist take a look. As of today the doctors did say she had a mild heart attack, so she won't be comming home as we had hoped....With that being said, I might not be at the meeting tonight. :/ :(
  • You're excused from the meeting.

    I'll keep your mom in my prayers. Take care of her and yourself. The clan will be here when you're ready and able to return.
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  • Ty sir, I have an update...

    Today she saw the doctor and according to the lab work, she did have a "mild" heart attack, they are doing a catheterization to see what the problem is. Found out, mom's going to have to have open heart surgery they're going to be transporting her to Florida Hospital Ormond Beach tomorrow surgery will probably be done on Monday. The doctor said that had we not brought her in yesterday when we did she would have most of likely it died she was close to having a widow-maker heart attack I will keep you all up to date as more information is available

    CDR.Vanarambaion=US= wrote:

    You're excused from the meeting.

    I'll keep your mom in my prayers. Take care of her and yourself. The clan will be here when you're ready and able to return.
  • i will light a candle for her today.
    Take care stay strong.

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  • The cardiologist came to see mom again and proceeded to tell us that the build up in her arteries is so thick and hard that they wouldn't be able to stitch them in the procedure. So open heart won't work. They said that the only alternative is the rotoblator drill, which can grind down the plaque and the only place is in Jacksonville. The Dr's said that she would go to Jacksonville some time today and the procedure would be done tomorrow. If all goes well she will be back in Daytona on Christmas. I ask that everyone continue in your prayers and send all positivist for our family in our time of need.
  • prayers to you and your family beyond this simple online family, may the Christmas spirit wrap your family in loving grace

    We're all pulling for her and those who know and love her
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