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  • Non-Commissioned Officer Academy Awards 30AUG2019

    Non-Commissioned Officer Academy
    Graduate Award

    Has completed all the required NCOA training and is awarded the NCO Academy Graduate Ribbon.
    Thank you, Seaman, for your hard work and continued dedication to the Unknown Soldiers.

    Non-Commissioned Officer Academy
    Instructor Award

    CPO.Jaakken =US=
    Has completed the requirements to become an Instructor for the NCO Academy,
    and is awarded the Basic NCOA Instructor Ribbon.
    Thank you for you continued work and dedication to the clan and the NCO Corps.
    Lead by example Chief Petty Officer.
    Sergeant Major of the Army
    NCO Academy NCOIC

    Prior Service - Army

    15E - Pershing Missile Crew Member

    88H - Cargo Specialist

    "An Army is a team; lives, sleeps, eats, fights as a team. This individual heroic stuff is a lot of crap."