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  • CoD: Modern Warfare Beta Impressions

    First of all, I’m glad to be back. I hope many of you got a chance to try the new Modern Warfare. I thought I’ll make a quick post about my experience and welcome any feedback from others.

    Overall, I had fun. While it’s fast pace and the TTK is super quick, some game modes played much slower. The best balancing act and example of this is Gunfight. The 2v2 mode. Gunfight is both fast pace and tactical. Uber competitive because it requires split second decisions to outsmart your opponents and teamwork.

    I was less impressed by Ground War. It made me appreciate what DICE has done with Battlefield. GW feels like Bad Company 2 and BF3. It has some catching up to do. However, it might have what Battlefield is missing: All-out Sandbox Fun!

    The LMG that struggled in 6v6 shines in 32v32. Unfortunately, the spawns in all modes are atrocious. You will spawn in front of enemies. Also, like Battlefield it’s too dark in areas. Also broken was the ability to play matches with friends without needing to reform the group after each match. I understand that IW are aware of these and other issues. Hopefully, they’re fixed by release.

    Lastly, the gunplay is solid, but could use some balancing, not unusual for a beta. The graphics weren’t as good as Battlefield and Ground War was the least playable of the bunch. 64 players with vehicles might be too much if they can’t optimize by release late October. It runs better if you force your CPU to only use real cores and hyper-thread.

    I would love to hear what others thought and who plans to buy it day one. The game has cross-play which I thought worked flawlessly, which might open the clan up to more potential members. Despite it faults, I think it has potential as a clan incubator game if the flaws are addressed.

    Battlenet:Pluckmuckel#1881 / Orgin: SGT_Pluckmuckel

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