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  • Navy Awards and Promotions 11OCT2019

    Navy Promotions

    SR.RogueCommandant is to be promoted to E-2 Seaman Apprentice

    Navy Awards

    SR.RogueCommandant has finished his E-1 BCT and is awarded his E-1 BCT Ribbon.

    "This member had been a valuable asset to the Navy throught his time with us and although the times have taken him to other pastures, we still want to honor the dedication and service to our branch. For his assistance, his duties and his work in the Navy, I am happy to Award 2LT.Distortion the Navy Service Award."

    "This member had been with us for most of his clan career and a stellar rise he has had. From Boat and Fleet Lead, to being an excellent Chief of the Boat, all the way to his comission and rise to XO of the Navy, 2LT.TheHamm had shown professionalism, dedication and honor with the Navy. He put everything infront of his own needs and performed the duties he was assigned to the letter, if not better. I am sure that he will make an excellent CO of his own and I am happy to call him a friend. With this I am proud to award 2LT.TheHamm the Navy Cross."

    “Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way.”
    ― George S. Patton Jr.

    Lieutenant Vogts
    Commanding Officer of the Navy