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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Season One

    In the coming hours, season one of MW will be live and we will have a ton of new things coming for us to look forward to!

    If you are a big fan of classic maps from the original Modern Warfare, you're in luck! In the update some classic maps will be released for FREE along with the first implementation of a Battle Pass within the Modern Warfare series. Along with two new weapons to grind with and a load of obtainable cosmetics for your soldier! This isn't all because we are also getting 3 new game modes such as Reinforce, Gunfight OSP, and Infected (from MW3).

    Without further a do, lets get right into the action!

    Here’s a look at the free Modern Warfare content all players will have access to that starts next week and will continue throughout the duration of Season One:


    Crash (Multiplayer Map): The iconic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map has returned with all the flanking routes and action-packed rooftop encounters you remember.
    Vacant (Multiplayer Map): An abandoned office, previously visited in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, leads to intense interior combat across the complex.
    Shipment (Multiplayer and Gunfight Map): The classic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map where fast and frenetic action reigns supreme.
    Port (Ground War Map): Battle across massive shipping crates, cranes, buildings and streets in this unique Ground War map experience.
    Cargo (Gunfight Map): An open-roof storage vessel for shipping containers, on docks of London.
    Atrium (Gunfight Map): The centerpiece of a Verdansk palace, still intact despite the conflict raging nearby.
    Additional Maps: Look for additional multiplayer maps as Season 1 progresses.

    Game Modes:

    Reinforce (Multiplayer Mode): A hybrid of Dom and S&D, a single-life mode with both teams competing for control of three flags.
    On Site Procurement (O.S.P.) (Gunfight Mode): A tactically rich 2v2 mode with a twist: Begin with just your fists, and gather equipment as the match progresses.
    Infected (Multiplayer Mode): It’s hunt or be hunted in this survival party game mode!
    Additional Modes: Look for more modes as Season 1 continues.

    Special Ops:
    Bomb Squad (Special Ops Experience): Forces still loyal to Barkov have planted explosives around the city of Al-Raab. You’re here to defuse the situation.
    Grounded (Special Ops Experience): Enemies have seized Barkov’s former airbase. Engage and eliminate them.
    Pitch Black (Special Ops Experience): Infiltrate Barkov’s former estate and recover all required intel before an exfill in a Tactical Rover.
    Just Reward (Special Ops Experience): Your squad targets the head of an enemy financial operation, hacking his data centers, and gaining intel.
    Additional Content: Look for more Special Ops content as Season 1 continues.

    Ram-7 New Weapon: Introducing a new fully automatic bullpup Assault Rifle with integrated picatinny rails at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock.
    Holger-26 New Weapon: LMG spec of the Holger model rifle, with integrated sight rail and drum magazine for additional ammunition-carrying capacity.

    More information can be found here and here.