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  • Cloud Gaming with Stadia -- my experience

    Cloud gaming has become a hot topic with the recent launch of Google's Stadia and Microsoft's xCloud beta. Similar services are also offered through GeForce Now and Shadow tech (see @CPL.HumbleZ=US= post about it here). These services strive to make AAA gaming accessible to everyone regardless of the hardware available to you. If you're unfamiliar with cloud gaming, here's the gist:

    - Stream AAA games similar to how Netflix streams videos.
    - All the heavy lifting is handled server-side, so that fancy $3k computer rig you've been dreaming of is obsolete with cloud gaming ;(
    - Play on any (or almost any) device including phones, tablets, PCs, and even that slow $200 laptop you bought for school.
    - No installs, patches, or slow loading screens
    - Most services require at least 25Mbps speeds and a reliable router to avoid packet loss.

    My experience with Stadia...
    Stadia was met with skepticism and contradicting reviews at launch. So how does it perform now?

    My dad and I have been playing games on Stadia since its launch. Particularly in the past week, we've spent hours each day enjoying local co-op on Darksiders Genesis, multiplayer on Grid, and single player on Borderlands 3. So far the experience has been near-flawless. No noticeable input lag or degradation in audio/video quality. It's easy to forget the game is being streamed from a server, not a local game console. People seem to be pretty satisfied on Reddit too (r/stadia).

    I see cloud gaming as the next-gen experience and I'm eager to see how gaming will change over the upcoming years. Check it out!

    ** Disclaimer: I have professional relationships that may influence my preference in favor of Stadia. I've tried to keep this review unbiased, but I advise researching each cloud gaming service yourself! I've signed up for the xCloud beta. If I get into it, I'll report on my experience.

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  • In the near future, do you see games like Battlefield, Tarkov and Call of Duty being viable on Stadia? I tested the EA cloud gaming service and it seemed more than fine for non-competitive games. I can definitely see it option like using steam or a PS4.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Battlenet:Pluckmuckel#1881 / Orgin: SGT_Pluckmuckel
  • It would be challenging to support twitchy games like COD or R6 Siege. The slightest drop in network performance, even for a second could have a negative impact on the player experience. This is a limitation of all cloud gaming platforms because they all rely on a strong, reliable internet connection.

    Slower paced games, like Tarkov, Squad, or maybe battlefield could be solid candidates. At the end of the day, I think the most prominent challenge is onboarding developers and publishers to adapt their content to the platform.