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    Liked 1LT.Draven=US=’s post in the thread Hi, it's me.

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    I remember this - and it was back when I was just a mere PFC! Good times and ALWAYS good to see you bro!
  • yannickvanzeben -

    Liked VADM.DentalMav=US=’s post in the thread Hi, it's me.

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    Good Seeing you my friend! We too have moved away from EA games because...well because they haven't been the best. Always good to see you, and we are always here if you want to come hang out
  • yannickvanzeben -

    Posted the thread Hi, it's me.

    What's up Unkso, it's JeZuzzz from 2015 Came by because I bumped into an old youtube video some of us made back then. Hilarious memories! youtube.com/watch?v=Oa-ww4bHWHY I will never forget the good times we've all had together, sadly for me active…